Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Safety Policy

KTC Industrial Projects Ltd. is committed to maintaining a strong and effective Occupational Health and Safety Program, while abiding to the rules and regulations of WorkSafeBC, the municipal, provincial and federal government.

As they say, “most accidents are preventable”, and this is what we will strive for, ZERO accident at all our worksite and peace of mind through knowing that our company’s mandate is to work safely at all times. We will do our best to protect our employees, subcontractors, our customers and the general public from any incident/accident, deliberate or not, that could cause any harm/injury or property damage to anyone, including our tools & equipment, materials and the environment.

In order to achieve this goal, full cooperation is necessary from everyone. Management will provide and maintain a safe working environment for the workers through placement of competent Supervisors, on-going training for our employees, and providing the necessary tools and equipment that are safe and in good working condition.

All Supervisors will promote safety to the employees at all times and lead by example. Inspection and hazard assessment of their worksite shall be conducted on an on-going basis to ensure everyone’s safety. Supervisors will implement measures, controls and processes, identify hazards and implement controls and solutions to ensure performance, production and safety goes hand in hand.

All Employees are expected to know and understand the content of the OH & S Program know where it is located on site and assist on its implementation It is mandatory for all employees to participate on all areas of the OH & S Program and to abide to all regulatory rules and regulations of WorkSafeBC, and all governing bodies. All employees are expected to follow the company site safety rules as noted on the program.

All subcontractors who work on our worksite are expected to abide by our Occupational Health and Safety Program and follow the rules and Regulations of WorkSafeBC and all levels of the government and any governing bodies.

We applaud all employees for their excellent performance and participation to safety both current and in the past. It is only through your participation that we can achieve continuity of an “incident free”, healthy and safe workplace. You are all assets to the company and by working together in all parts of this program and a continued positive attitude and “safety awareness”, we can be leaders in our industry.

As we continue to be safe on our day-to-day operation, we thank you for your dedication.

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